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Before you jump to my price list please
check out the following brief summary of my packages.

I offer full service wedding photography packages that include a wedding album
Digital image files are fun but what good are they if nobody sees them or we only see them on a cell phone.  The beauty of the digital image blossoms when it is printed by a knowledgable and skilled professional using professional computer software.  This is why I offer packages that include an album.  If you only purchase the digital images from a photographer it is unlikely that you will ever know the hidden beauty of your wedding day photographs and you will have spent a lot of money and have little to show for it.

So here's a quick summary:

I offer Collage Art Album packages that include unique custom page designs
and album covers that come as photo cover wraps or in leather.  A photo of each album page
design is mounted on to a heavy stiff album page and bound into the album cover. 
There are three packages starting at $1,850.

I also offer Deluxe Coffee Table Album packages  that include the same unique custom page designs
while the album cover only comes in the photo cover wrap.  The important difference is that the photo of each album page design is mounted on to a light weight  album page and bound into the album cover. 
There are three packages starting at $1,650.

I also offer two Small Album packages that are missing some
of the extras so I don't consider them to be full service but are perfect for some budgets
and schedules. One package is for the Collage Art Album and one is for the Deluxe Coffee Table Album
Both of these album packages still include the same unique custom page designs. 
These packages are $1,200 and $1,000.

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