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How many years of experience do you
have as a professional wedding photography business?

My business has photographed over 2,000
wedding and bar mitzvah events in the past thirty years.

What percentage of your business is bridal photography?
Wedding photography is my specialty. Approximately 95%
of our business is devoted to event photography.

What will your attire be on my wedding day?
Because a wedding photographer is very visible, black jacket, slacks
and a tie seems appropriate. I wish to fit-in, not standout at your wedding.

What type of equipment do you use?
I use professional quality Nikon digital cameras and lenses
to capture all the action at your wedding. I switched to digital in the spring of 2002. 
There are so many advantages to digital over film that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you take more than posed photographs?
Yes. We take the posed photographs that you request. For example photographs of the bride and groom, family and wedding party. The rest of the day's photographs will be of a photojournalistic style such as getting ready, ceremony, reception, small intimate details, and photos of people when they don't know they're being photographed.
Check out our Photo Gallery.

Do you bring backup equipment with you to weddings?
Yes. We carry backup equipment in the unlikely event that something gets broken.

How many photographs do you take?
Lots. Most photos are good. Some are not. Sometimes it takes several shots to capture just the right moment or expression. So we edit. You are going to see the very best photographs; photographs that are going to tell your wedding day story. We feel it is part of our job to review every photo and make sure it passes our strict standards.
With one photographer coverage we usually show you 500-600 images or with two photographers 600-700 images.

Do you take black and white photographs?
Yes, any photograph we take for you can be printed in black and white or color.

Do you require a meal?
Each schedule has its own details that need to be discussed. But photographers like most other working people need a break and a meal sometime during the day. Let’s discuss this along with details of your wedding day's schedule.

How much travel mileage do you include with your packages?
Good question. High gasoline costs have hit us all. Our photographers will include 80 miles of travel mileage. That mileage begins at our studio and includes travel throughout the day with you and your wedding party to various locations of your choosing and ends with the return trip to the studio. For most of our clients this will be sufficient. 
Mileage over the 80 miles is charged at the current government rate.

When will my wedding Preview Portfolio be ready?
Your wedding Preview Portfolio which is a proof book of the wedding day
photographs is generally available at the studio within three weeks of your wedding.
I also offer viewing and ordering online for those who will not be able to see your
Preview Portfolio.

Do you offer more than one style of wedding album?
Yes, we offer three distinctively different styles. Our packages come with your choice of a Collage Art Album that come with leather covers or come with photo wrap covers.  We also have packages for a Deluxe Coffee Table Album.

How long does it take to get the finished wedding album?
Usually six to seven weeks after your final design approval.

How long will you keep the digital images of my wedding?
We will keep the digital images from your wedding for as long as we are in business.

To set up an appointment, please call (314) 821-3770

To set up an appointment, please call (314) 821-3770

Frequently Asked Questions
These are some of the questions that many
wedding couples are asking when they visit our studio.