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Serving greater St. Louis, MO with a studio in Kirkwood, MO
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Directions to Office

10097 Manchester Road
Suite 201A
St. Louis, MO 63122

We are located in an office building ONE MILE EAST of Lindbergh on the north side of Manchester between the stop lights at North Woodlawn Ave and Sappington Road.  The building is located at the corner of Manchester Road and Bennett with a parking lot in front of the building.  Our office is on the second floor.  Sorry, there is no elevator and the building is not handicap accessible.

Directions heading east on Manchester:
Turn left on Bennett which is the THIRD STREET on the left past North Woodlawn Ave (Schnucks store on left at North Woodlawn).  Turn right into the parking lot.

Directions heading west on Manchester:
Turn right on to Bennett which is the FIRST STREET on the right past Sappington Road 
(Taco Bell on right at Sappington Road).  Turn right into the parking lot.

To set up an appointment, please call (314) 821-3770